Name: Deepika Padukone 


Weight:55kg approx

Age:34 years in 2020

Born in: 5 january 1986

Birth place:copenhagen denmark 

Father name:Prakash Padukone

Father img 

Mother name:Ujjala Padukone

Mother img 

she have one sister Name:Anisha Padukone 

sister img 

She went to school 

school name Sophia High School

school img 


College Name: Mount carmel college 

Deepika marriage 

Her husband name is Ranveer singh

He is also a popular actor in india  


In deepika's family her father mother give a lot of importance  to  sport may be that's the reason her sister woul like to become a golfer   when deepika was onley  1 year's old her family shiffted to mangalore  then was studied  at school Sophia High School  after this she studied at college mount carmel college  after his college she went  to the university nme  indra gandhi open university  but after that she drop out from university because of her modelling career  in 2004 she was a become a best modell  and in 2005 she got model of the year award   and then she changes her location to  Mumbai she taught that she was not redy for doing filim's so she take admission  to Anupam kher's academy then a time came she noticed by Fara khan so fara khan told that  i will give yoy role in my filim's and the movie was (Aishwarya)   and then again fara khan  take deepika in the movie in 2007 (om shanti om) the movie box office collection was 215 crore inr 

See some filim carrer 

In the filim ( chandni chowk to china)

now in 2020 the filim was getting well result but 

the time it was release in  16 january 2009 this filim 

was not getting result

now box office collection was [usd 17 million]

with Akshay kumar   

in this  along time period   deepika  sometimes deepika get success then again deepika movie not get fit into box office collection 

aftter 4 years of hared working deepika  get a movie with Ranveer singh   movie Ramleela released on 15november 2013  this movie was verry help ful for both Ranveer singh And Deepika  padukone   because Ranveer singh  was new to Bollywood  the box office collection was  1.52 billoin the world wide collection was 491 million  


102 crore

in the social media for one  brabd one post she takes 1.5 crore

for one movie 20 crore approx { or more than that}

Deepika padukone was eraly comme in controversy 

as we all know that   in filim    YA  JAVANI H DIVANI   Deepika and Ranbir Kapoor  was  a little bit romance was done so in that the controversy was createid taht deepika loves  Ranbir Kapoor   then this was proen that they r in the relation ship   then the rumor was created that deepika was done a tatto  but tatto was being proven as such images 

 in this tatto  we can clearly see taht she have a tatto 


a press confrance report 


And then now she was trending on twitter 
on Sushant singh rajput  case on Mumbai 

Basically she was trapped by her watsapp chat 
in this  chatt she was asking for 
(Mujha Mal chaya)
as the report of news chanel 

that Deepika padukone Manager   Karishma Prakash 
today NCB was asked some qustion 
the news was comming that NCB inquiry's deepika padukone it self 

immage gallery

She have 52.4 m followers in september 2020
screen shot 

And her twitter acount she have 27.7 m followers

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