Name: Jaya Bachan

Height: 1.57m

weight: 60 kg approx 

Age: 72 years 

Born in: 19 april 1948

Birth place: Jabalpur 

Now some famaily details 

Father Name :Taroon Kumar Bhaduri   


Mother name: Indra Bhaduri 


She have one sister 

sister name: rita verma 

Marriage  Life 

Her husband is:Amitab  bachan  he is very popular in india 

Amitab  bachan 


She studied in school 

st joseph's convent school bhopal


his name is famous as guddi  in bollywood 

her father was famous journalist&writer  she was onley 15 years old when he gat a chance to work with Satyajit Ray a very famous filim maker for filim (mahanagar) but in this a very big story was once her father takes her to show filim  their she is spotted by  Sharmila Tagore a hindi and bangali  filim maker  and that is time  Satyajit Ray  was serching a small and cute girl and their sharmila tagor was recommend jaya bhaduri to do this filim and Satyajit Ray was also told that ok so this is the secret behind her life  first filim 

                                                                    and then in her house many of persone advice to chose as a carrier  so some people decided to sent jaya to ftii wher she studied about proper  scting  filim  or many things wher she got gold medal in (ftii)then a very famous filim producer Harikesh Mukherjee was gone to (ftii) and told that i request i wanted the girl jaya bhaduri to work in my filim  and when her course was completed she was appointed as to work in filim guddi and this filim  box office colection was in first week 0.09crore in this age very best for her filim carrier

and in 1972 jaya bhaduri was done a jawani diwani   romantic  filim in this filim hero role was done by randhir kapoor filim was good and box office collection was  1.7 crores    

and in many filim's shre has done with sanjeev kumar like filim (animika) and many others  sanjeev kumar told in his interview that he had done all the role in with her  onley one role left to be her son  in filim's and in 1972 is the time that she was done a filim with Amitab  bachan    filim name  bansi birju   and then again  in filim ak nazar  and one more thing that i get on internet that when Amitab  bachan  was gone to (ftii) then jaya bhaduri told her friend's that something in this boy 

in 1973 noboday want's to work with amitab bachan  and then jaya bhaduri  redy to do the filim  zanjerr    then amitab and jaya decided to go forigen to make holidays  when zanjerr hits we will go together abroad to make holiday but amitab and jaya dosen't get peremission from home to go abroad amitab father told that if you want to go abroad then get married and then go  in filim sholay her first baby name Shweta Bachchan and then abhishekh bachan and whwn filim silsila shooting then her daughter told that why you"r going to do work go to father to work  and then jaya told that ok i will not go to work i will spend my time with my family 

                                                                            then in 1981 she takes a long break  from her work  and then she do come back on 1998 in filim hazaar Chaurasi ki maa  and then she taks her steps to poitics and she became member of Samajwadi Party and she do social serveice 

these is a small biography

see some early images of jaya bachan 



some latest controversy on jaya bachan she told on parliament

that entertainment industry in our contry is provide direct employment every day to 5 lakh people 

at the time in the finincila state at the employment is at the worst in order to divert the attention of the people were  being use to to be flot by the social media  andthe gorvement  non support the people who have made ther  name in ther  filim industry have called it a cutter  i copletly  dis agree and a really dis associate and i hope  to goverment  tell's these people how have made their earning :name in this industry  to stop  using such language theitr re people who are some of the higest tax fairs sir i  think gorvement   must stand  bu the enteriment industry because the enteriment industruy that always  comes foraward  to help the gorvement in what ever good work  that the  gorvement takes up they support them is their is the national they come forward they give money they give their service i  think  tht it is is very important that the gorvement must support  these industry and lot just because few people you cant vanish the image of initr industry 

the mainly highlight word that (jis thali ma khata ho us ma chaid karto ho)

some photes 


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