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Name :Sanjay Dutt

full name: Sanjay Balraj Dutt 


Weight:approx 85 kg 

Age:61 years

Born in:29 july  1959 

Birth place:Mumbai 

Father name:Sunil dutt 

Father img

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Mother Name:Nargis 

Mother img:

Hundastan times

his early life 

he was going to bording school when he was small and their he leart to become self dependent   and  a very weired thinh happen with sanjay when he return back to home he argues with his parents  when he was a kid he was seen in a filim RESHMA AUR  SHERA in 1972  and then her mother was suffring from cancer her mother was treated in us by the doctor  and whn filim rocky was in production sanjay mother was left him  she  pased away after these of things happe with sanjay he started taking all type of drugs some times passed away he come back to home wheir he sleep and he wake up after 2 - 3 days and he asked food from the home worker worker started to crying he asked why you r crying he told you wake uo after 2 days thenhe taught he wantto goo drugs rehave  center and in 1987 he got married with richa sharma  but in 1996 richa was passed away  n sanjaj have a daughter her name was trishala she was born in 1998 and he marry to reha pillai   in 1998 and they got divorce in 2005 

and their his controversy were started in 1993 their was a bom blast in mumbai and many under world down name comes in like dawood ibrahim tiger menom and their sanjay fate was very bad he was arrested because in his house a gun was finded  by police  then he was  jailed in a jail arthur road jail and after that transfered to a jail in pune  yewada jail  his father tried alot to save  sanjay dutt 

 he was relesed from jail he started making movie but he was late

 after he was relaised he do many iof filim's  but in  2003  he do a  filim name  MUNNA BAHI M.B.B.S   the filim changes sanjay dutt life to a new way   after that inb 2006 a filim come LAGE RAHO MUNNA BHAI 

After that he  agained marry  to dilnawaz  sheikh  sanjay father mother passed away when sanjay got third  marry  in his third marriage he got twins baby 

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